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How do I prepare for my scan?

Please bring your doctor’s referral form, your Medicare card and any previous X-rays, scans, reports and films each time you visit us. While preparation varies with the type of examination, most examinations do not require any preparation. Our friendly staff will advise you what preparation is required, such as fasting, when you make your appointment. You are welcome to ask questions regarding your examination at any time, and more information about your procedure can be found at the page for each of the following scan types:

How do I prepare for a cosmetic procedure?

CoolSculpting®, our non-invasive fat reduction procedure, requires little to no preparation except for your complimentary consultation to discuss your treatment plan.

For ResurFX™, our non-ablative laser treatment, preparation will also be discussed at your complimentary consultation. However, please come wearing no makeup on the treatment area. Full preparation instructions are available at the ResurFX™ information page.

For all cosmetic procedures you must come ready to pay for your treatment – we accept cash, card, Eftpos and cheque, but do not accept AMEX.

What sort of radiology request form do I require?

It is your choice where to have your X-ray scan. Your doctor may have referred you to AdelaideMRI at Woodville South, Elizabeth Diagnostic Imaging, Goodwood Diagnostic Imaging, Adelaide Paediatric Imaging at Payneham, AdelaideMRI West at Torrensville or AdelaideMRI East at Payneham. You may choose to go to another Radiology provider with your request form. You can also use any other Radiology, Xray, Ultrasound, MRI or CT Scan request form at any one of AdelaideMRI’s four conveniently located practices.

Will I be required to pay at the time of my appointment?

We bulk-bill ALL Medicare-eligible procedures. If your procedure is eligible, you only need to bring your Medicare card. When your treatment is not eligible, you will be expected to pay at the time of your scan. For information about which procedures are eligible and how to pay when your treatment is not covered, please see our Billing Policy.