DEXA Fat Composition Assessment

Why should I have a DEXA Fat Composition Assessment?

DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry), also used to measure Bone Mineral Density, is a painless and non-invasive scanning procedure using a very low intensity X-ray machine to measure fat composition in relation to your whole body. Your fat composition can reveal your risk factors for numerous diseases, and can provide information for reassessment of your diet and exercise habits if they are putting you at risk. A DEXA assessment can reveal your fat as a percentage of your overall body mass, and categorise your associated risk levels. Information about central abdominal fat is particularly important to health and disease prevention, as at a critical level, excess fat can impact vital organ function.

Scans can also provide you with individualised information about your ideal weight, as well as your resting metabolic rate – your individual calorie requirement per day – and a suggested calorie intake in different nutritional categories so that you can develop a custom plan to improve or maintain your health.

This assessment is offered at our Torrensville practice.

What happens during a DEXA Fat Composition Assessment?

A standard DEXA screening takes approximately 20 minutes. Your name and date of birth will be checked prior to commencing your scan. You will then either be asked to lie down on a bed or sit on a chair. The radiographer will explain the examination procedure to you before acquiring the necessary images.

During the examination, you will not experience any discomfort. A radiographer technician will be with you acquiring the images; these are then interpreted and reported by the radiologist. You will sign a billing form once the examination has been completed.

How should I prepare for my assessment?

Bring your request form, Medicare Card and any relevant previous reports every time you visit us. DEXA scans don’t require any preparation. You will be given further information at the time of booking your appointment.

It’s your choice where you have your Scan or X-ray. Call us with any practice’s imaging request form for an appointment. If your doctor has requested an X-ray or scan, you can use our request form at any radiology practice.

Are there any risks for DEXA assessments?

The intensity of X-rays used in BMD is very low, and therefore the risks posed by exposure to diagnostic radiation are also low.

However, if you are pregnant, you must let our staff know before the examination.

How much does a DEXA Fat Composition Assessment cost?

Preventative scans are not Medicare eligible. Please ring any of our clinics to obtain current pricing information for DEXA Fat Assessment Scans.

What happens to my DEXA assessment results?

Your results are treated with confidentiality. A radiologist will interpret and report on the DEXA images. The results will be sent to you or your referring doctor in the form of a digital written report within the next 48 hours. As the images are digital they will be kept on our computer system for future reference. You should always discuss your results with your doctor.